Re: D2000 Process Modeller: how good is it for business process modelling ?

From: SROCEO <>
Date: 6 Nov 1998 05:26:17 GMT
Message-ID: <>


I am an old Oracle CASE/Designer user and I have had great success with the product.

Oracle's Designer package is based on Oracle's CASE*Methodology(SDLC). It is a comprehensive package that allows you to move through the entire SDLC within one tool.

Business Process and Function models can be associated with Entities and Attributes. These models can then be transformed into Table definitions and Forms/Reports/Graphs modules. The tool has a variety of reports or if you feel really daring, you can tap into the repository directly and create your own custom reports using just about any reporting tool.

If you are planning to perform development with Oracle as the front and backend then I definitely recommend the tool.

If you are only planning on using the tool for analysis purposes then you may want to consider obtaining a few books from Oracle Press, written by Richard Barker: CASE*Method Function Modeling, CASE*Method Entity Relationship Modeling. The Designer tool follows Barker's modelling methods. You can see if his approach would work with yours and make your decision based on that.

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