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From: Thomas Kyte <>
Date: 1997/05/23
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On 22 May 1997 18:28:24 GMT, (Jen Chien) wrote:

>Hi! Folks my question is:
>I'm using Oracle server 7.2 and Oracle Form 4.5. I want to use DBMS_SQL to create a
 ... [snip]
>However, I got the problem now. If I want to use this procedure at the Oacle Form.
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the hand will be... don't use dbms_sql to execute a query in forms. Use create_group_from_query and populate_group. Build a record group instead. The main advantages of this are:

  • record groups are native to forms and natural to use in that environment
  • they will take advantage of array fetches. You will array fetch 100 rows at a time. It'll be much faster.

If you need dynamic insert/update/delete, use forms_ddl, its easier...


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