Re: Row-locking Problem in MS-Access via ODBC

From: Michael Carmack <>
Date: 1997/05/23
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Jens Waldorff ( wrote:
: Does the table with the row-locking problem contain column(s) with decimal
: (floating point) numbers ?
: One version (i can't remember the version no.) of Oracle ODBC driver has a
: problem converting certain decimal numbers (e.g. 86.4). Converting
: "dangerous" numbers generates wrong numbers with an extra digits at e.g.
: 17th decimalplace.
: I seems to be safe using FIX POINT numbers and Oracle ODBC driver ver.

Yes, the tables do have floating point numbers, but I don't believe that the problem is in the Oracle ODBC drivers. I am able to perform any changes I want through the ODBC Test applet that Oracle ships with the drivers; the row locking problem only raises its head when I'm using the Jet database engine in a Windows app, e.g. in Access or a Visual Basic app. (I've tested Jet 2.5 via 16-bit Access 2,0 and Visual Basic 4, and Jet 3 via 32-bit Visual Basic 5.)

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