Getting Client Browser type from Web Server 2.1 (and other header info)

From: Ken Parker <kparker_at_anti.spam>
Date: 1997/05/16
Message-ID: <337C1AEE.4EDD_at_anti.spam>#1/1


[Quoted] [Quoted] I'm trying to find a way, with any toolset - pro*c, c, pl/sql, j/sql, whatever..., to get the client's browser type and dynamically serve different pages using Web Server 2.1. Anyone know how?

I called Oracle support and the best they could do for me is to tell me it's in the log file and they knew of no way to get that info via pl/sql (other than writing a routine that reads that file - not efficient at runtime!). I find this hard to believe...there must be thousands of sites that redirect either optimized netscape pages or optimizes Microsoft Internet Explorer pages.

If you know how to do this, the next logical question is exactly what info do I have access to via the header info sent by the browser? E-mail address?, IP address? time zone? I know those goodies exist - it's just a matter of how to get the info.


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