What C/C++ libs to access Oracle on Sun?

From: David Kramer <Dskramer_at_concentric.net>
Date: 1997/05/16
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We have a fully-developed web product running on a Sun running Oracle. The cgi scripts are currently writtne in perl, and database access is done in oraperl.

[Quoted] We are moving to a new phase of the project, and want to rewrite everything in C, C++, or java. I'm trying to find what libraries one uses to access Oracle in C or C++. I see mention of Pro*C here, and the OCI product from Oracle. Their web site doesn't really talk about development tools for Unix, though- everything is PS/Mac.

[Quoted] Now, the developers that first set up Oracle and the rest of the sight are long gone, as are a significant portion of our Oracle manuals, so for all I know it was included on some CD we already have, but that would be good to know, too.

[Quoted] Comparisons between options would also be a big help. Thanks.

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