Re: aidev Monitoring Plugin v12. for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c & 13c - now available

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Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 17:44:29 -0000
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> On Wed, 08 Nov 2017 23:20:11 +0000, TheBoss wrote:
> > Probably his first by now.
> > It is hardly possible to earn a decent living as a DBA these days.
> I am not a DBA for more than 5 years now. DBA job is dead. The last nail
> in the coffin is Amazon RDS, which makes a lot of DBA work unnecessary.
> There is no need to install or backup the database. The only thing left
> is SQL tuning, which is also only possible using the DBMS_SQLTUNE since
> trace files cannot be accessed. If a DBA is lucky, he or she can get a
> job like a SME, but that is being outsourced to remote DBA companies,
> like Pythian or directly to the application vendor themselves. I'm sorry
> to say that many application vendors don't do a good job on optimizing
> their products for performance. They use optimize by $$$ technique, which
> essentially requires the customer to buy (or lease) a bigger box.
> One unintended consequence of so called "cloud revolution" is the death
> of RAC. Availability is now a cloud vendor offering. There is no more
> reason to buy expensive and complex RAC configurations. RAC is an
> availability offering. AWS can guarantee the instance availability as
> well or better than RAC. As opposed to stand-alone Oracle instances, RAC
> still requires a professional DBA who knows what he or she is doing.
> However, an Oracle DBA is the last remnant from Jurassic, bound to join
> the rest of its kind. Once a mighty beast atop the IT food chain, Oracle
> DBA is now being displaced from the new ecosystem which has no place for
> such a magnificent creature. The end is nigh.

[Quoted] Do you regard AWS RDS as "the future" and the future which, discounting any persoanl bias regarding employment for Oracle DBAs, is "a good thing" - or is this a commodity, untuned, untunable except by the (for I am in the UK) approach - but which will succeed because it's simple?

[Quoted] As a slight aside, I heard that Oracle SE on Oracle Cloud (PaaS) includes TDE (whereas you need EE and some option if hosted elsewhere).

I also heard that Oracle for RDS is "different" in some ways to the regular Oracle. Keen to find out from experts if this is a commercial thing or technical.

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