Re: is it possible to run oracle server as non-root, non-system process?

From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 18:55:12 +0200
Message-ID: <>

On 24.09.2014 09:59, ted y wrote:
> Thanks Robert. your comments are very right. I'm glad you understood
> my approach.


> yes, the start up time would be high. but with a bit of careful
> coding in my wrapper class for my custom base class that uses this
> oracle setup, I can let all the junit cases share the same oracle
> instance, and not starting a new one every time. that way the cost is
> tolerable, I'm not terribly concerned with the speed to run my
> junit.

But that way you have created dependencies between your junit test cases via the state in the database.

> compared to the headache to cope with the difference between oracle
> sql flavor / features and that of hsqldb/sqlite3, the time cost is
> much less of a concern.

Why don't you use JPA to handle SQL flavors?

> if I could setup oracle for my test, I don't
> need to worry about our QA "runway" oracle boxes going down or
> network cut off. hsqldb offers a "Oracle flavor/mode" but it's far
> from even a satisfactory emulation, it lacks many oracle functions.

Yeah, you need the real thing for testing for sure.

> granted , testing db-related java code is a pain, I tried to search
> around for an established, systematic, sound approach, but haven't
> seen any on the web or through my work.

I think testing code that needs a database is always a pain - especially for large schemas. Nowadays I tend to think that this is not a unit test topic. This is rather an integration test.

Another idea would be to use some kind of virtualization solution and create a snapshot of the running database with a particular state. Then you start always from that snapshot. You may even be able to create multiple instances by cloning the snapshot but that would be a complex task in itself as you then need to convince Oracle to listen on different IPs etc. Or you use localhost and inject the test code on the machine.


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