Re: Issues Installing Oracle Developer Suite 10G for the first time on my PC?

From: Peter Schneider <>
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 02:00:49 +0100
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Am 02.03.2014 21:01, schrieb Adrian:
> In message <leui1m$td5$>, Noons <> writes
>> Wasn't there a d/l from microsoft that installed XP 32-bit inside 64-bit Win
>> 7 as a VM? I recall reading about it when I was trying to get my scanners to
>> work with W7/64.
> Yes there is (and it was still around at the back end of last year). I'm using
> to make this posting.
> If you have Win7 Professional (or "better"), then it is included in the
> licence, otherwise you have to pay for it.

I had a spare Windows XP License/DVD around from an old PC that doesn't exist anymore, and, half a year ago, installed that into a Virtualbox VM, updated it to SP3 with all current patches, and installed, just for the memory of good ole' times, Oracle DevSuite, Designer, Forms, Reports. But haven't used it for a while, and doubt that I'll ever have to.

But anyway, when official XP support ends in April, I'm going to make a backup of the VM and archive it in a safe place. You never know... Probably sometime, I might enjoy playing around with that ancient stuff. Maybe I should also install a 10g DB or even 9i DB in that VM?! ;-)


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