Re: dbms_scheduler.create_file_watcher

From: Adrian <bulleid_at_ku.gro.lioff>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 19:58:49 +0100
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In message <MFsoS$JGIwfQFwCy_at_ku.gro.lloiff>, Adrian <bulleid_at_ku.gro.lioff> writes
>I'm looking at using this to identify when I've got new files to load.
>At first glance it looks ideal, but on digging into the docs, it seems
>that I need to set up a credential, which is where I hit problems.
>The plan is that the files will be put in a directory owned by a user
>that we would be accessing using sudo rather than by logging in, so we
>won't know what the password is. No password, no credential, no
>credential, no file watcher appears to be the situation, or is there a
>(legitimate) way around it that I've missed ?.

Thanks to Mladen and Jonathan for the replies.

Jonathan is right in his assumption, I would like to be able to load files as soon as I spot that they have arrived, whilst this could be done using cron and a script of some form. Whilst I have nothing against doing things at OS level, there seems some logic in allowing the DB to do it if possible.


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