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From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 09:07:00 -0700 (PDT)
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On Oct 6, 7:44 pm, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:
> On Sat, 06 Oct 2012 15:08:11 -0700, John Hurley wrote:
> > # OK. What about Oracle Linux? Is it at least a good choice? Solaris 11
> > is obviously the best choice, but will Linux still remain at least a
> > good choice?
> > Mladen this looks like semi trolling ...
> Oh, you reckon? It's a post about an Oracle announcement on the Oracle
> group. How would you explain your semi-accusation?
> > If you went to the 2012 Open World linux sessions ...
> I didn't go to the OOW. I am exposed to the marketing push daily, I don't
> think that I should pay for a double dose. Oracle is just a company, not
> a religion. Pilgrimage is not really necessary and will not guarantee
> salvation for your immortal database.
> > Oracle is
> > committed to linux.  Remember the penguins on stage with Larry?
> I don't remember penguins, I didn't attend OOW. I have never attended OOW
> and I probably never will. I don't see any gains in it for me. I used to

You haven't attended it so how can you really know? I see both sides, since I've been there and no longer attend it because there are few gains for me. However, that's because most of my work is not Oracle dba work. If it were, I'm pretty certain there is enough of the dba subculture there - yes, I'm referring to the Oakies - to make it worthwhile. But like any educational experience, so much of what you get out of it depends on what you put in to it. I've been trying to follow these optimizer improvements online, I know that will eventually hit me, that's one thing where I wish I had gone. I find the combination of education along with figuring things out myself works a lot better than just doing it myself. YMMV (and I for one appreciate your exploration postings here).

> regularly attend EOUG and NYOUG general meetings, because of the useful
> technical information one could pick up there. However, these meetings
> have become pure and unadulterated marketing, with very few technical
> information. Oracle became much more reserved and is filtering technical
> information to significantly larger degree than before. After attending 3
> NYOUG meetings without learning anything useful, I stopped attending.

It's funny, when I did used to go, I would hear this from some of my fellow dba's, and kind of wonder why they don't just face the firehose they like, rather than all the sewage lines. I confess, sometimes I do revel in the marketing, if for no other reason than to laugh at it. And sometimes the music is good. Sometimes the change of pace away from work is good too. I'd recommended it to anyone who can get someone else to pay for it.

Any smaller group needs an active core group to keep control away from marketing types.

> > Do I
> > have to post some pics from that event at Moscone West?  Why he

Yes, you do. :)

> > practically picked up a penguin and ... well use your imagination here
> Let me guess: committed an act of despicable animal abuse, albeit on the
> symbolic level? I guess, that symbolizes commitment.

I know there must be some way to fit the idea of you don't need that many wives, lots of fish in the sea, penguins eat lots of fish, but it's Monday morning.


-- is bogus.
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