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On Mar 19, 9:09 pm, wrote:
> On Saturday, March 17, 2012 6:57:18 AM UTC-4, Noons wrote:
> >
> > when one artificially props up loser product lines for years in a row
> > while milking the cash cow to death to support them
> > and deriding and disparaging the very same folks who always supported said cow
> > the temptation to call it "shooting one's foot off" is very strong!
> > Let's hope the thing's is a millipede and will survive on the remaining feet...
> I am curious how does one guarantee zero data loss in HANA or like  main memory database crashes.  HANA always shows Sybase replication server in its drawings , does that mean one needs another database to replicate and in case primary main memory database crashes, one will use replicated database to restore from.

You can't guarantee anything, you can only minimize the most likely problems. But with any new software, there will be new bugs, like that dumbass MS cloud software that didn't even know about leap years.

With complicated systems come additional integrational bugs.

Hana persists the in-memory analytics database to disk, making everything eventually consistent. It streams the transactions to disk.

I agree with where Noon's is coming from, and that Oracle is indeed a millipede. That allows a relatively fast reaction to changes in market conditions. Unfortunately, the Wildebeests that are the US investor system, may not think it is fast enough, being overly focused on quarterly results when they should be thinking more strategically.


-- is bogus.
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