Re: Oracle 8.0.5 error

From: ddf <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 16:58:13 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 23, 5:12 pm, John Hurley <> wrote:
> David:
> # How would cloning that server help the issue?
> Hard to keep track exactly from all of Dan's postings but I think
> there is a database somewhere running on win 2000 on one of the
> several servers he has posted about.
> If all that he needs is one more database on a different server maybe
> he can get it that way.
> AKA ... John, regarding the OS, the other system that is working is at
> Win2000 SP4 also.  It has the same Ora-12203 error but somehow they
> were able to build databases - probably before this error started
> arising.

And Windows is notorious for allowing things to work then mysteriously disallowing those same things to function. I've administered databases on Windows and had issues with 'connect / as sysdba'; one day that works and the next day and ever after it doesn't. Windows is neither the most reliable nor the most robust 'operating system' (a term I use VERY loosely with Winders) and, as stated earlier, Oracle tested 8.0.6 on Windows 2000 in 1999 just before it (Winders 2k) was unleashed on an unsuspecting public and clearly declared it unsuitable for use (again, see MOS Document 116208.1) as it proved itself unstable.

The 'solution' may be as simple as installing a more 'historic' release of Winders ('dig out those 3.5" floppies, Bob. we need to install Windows NT 4.0 ...'), one that tends to play more nicely with Oracle 8.0.5. I realize the application they are using isn't on speaking terms with more recent releases of Oracle (which begs the question why haven't they looked for a more modern replacement for this beast, or written their own?) and Winders 2K is now suffering indigestion from such an old release of the RDBMS. One suggestion yet to be made is to utilize the wonderful Micro$oft crutch of compatibility settings for executables; one possible avenue is to set these executables to run in Windows NT 4.0 compatibility mode and see if they actually work as expected (which may save the guardians of the archives from dusting off the NT 4.0 floppies). It's a shot in the dark but so is Windows, if you think about it.

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