Re: Desperately looking for Oracle 7.2.3!!

From: joel garry <>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 08:34:49 -0800 (PST)
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On Mar 9, 5:24 am, dontinou <> wrote:
> Really hoping someone out there can help me out.  I am in dire need of
> an Oracle 7.2.3 install CD, for ANY operating system that runs on x86
> hardware.  Preferably one that can run in VMware.
> We have an old database that is currently running on 7.2.3 but on
> Sequent hardware and on the Dynix OS.  The hardware is dying and can
> no longer be replaced.  Since 7.2.x was the last version of Oracle to
> include Oracle Forms 3.0 (and we have thousands of forms in 3.0
> format), I have to find a way to port the code straight over to
> another working 7.2.3 system, hopefully one that runs a more
> supportable OS and hardware.
> Please contact me if you have the install CD's or know where I can get
> them.  I've spoken with Oracle and the oldest release they still have
> on file is 7.3.x.
> Thank you.

Haven't done anything like that in this century, but I seem to recall there were companies selling forms converters that got most forms most of the way to something newer. MOS 1020543.6 mentions some companies, I haven't checked if they are still around. If they are, perhaps they have what you are asking for, or another way out.

I will remember this the next time someone mentions not upgrading a "stable" system. You have my sympathies.


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