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Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 10:12:04 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 1, 5:34 am, yossarian <> wrote:
> Jeremy wrote:
> > yes - shame that - this is a ng I like to keep an eye on - i have always
> > had quality responses to posts I have made (they are few however) and I
> > have learned a lot from simply browsing so it is indeed a shame to see
> > its decline.
> I agree. What is the replacement?
>         Y.

This newsgroup is irreplaceable :-)

Newsgroups in general have been in decline for a long time. Forums have their own issues, certainly Oracle's is going through growth pains with that stupid jive software and integrating all the users of widely varying products. Between twitter, blogs and strange new social worlds there is both fragmentation of the population that would come here, and unpredictable herding migrations.

The value-adds that this newsgroup has are no moderation and a stable location. Everything else is determined by participation. Even a very low participation keeps it alive, though the spamage is worrisome.

I disagree with Mladen as to the amount of information from Oracle dropping. It's always been difficult - I remember being amazed at a 7.1 (I think) Installing Oracle on AIX manual having so much more than all the others. However nowadays there are a lot of people willing to invest time and energy to figure out a lot of complicated things. Postgres may seem more open in that sense because it is at a lower stage in its lifecycle and the people working on it are likely to be more homogenous bleeding edge types. That's cool and all, but it means some or many of the pilot projects may be dumped not long after implementation by COTS. Mladen, I hope you hang around, even if it is to show us things that are better.

Just got email from Oracle that Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd will be pushing a big sparc launch tomorrow in Santa Clara. We live in interesting times.


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