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From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 03:55:09 +0000 (UTC)
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On Wed, 01 Dec 2010 10:12:04 -0800, joel garry wrote:

> I disagree with Mladen as to the amount of information from Oracle
> dropping. It's always been difficult - I remember being amazed at a 7.1
> (I think) Installing Oracle on AIX manual having so much more than all
> the others. However nowadays there are a lot of people willing to
> invest time and energy to figure out a lot of complicated things.
> Postgres may seem more open in that sense because it is at a lower stage
> in its lifecycle and the people working on it are likely to be more
> homogenous bleeding edge types. That's cool and all, but it means some
> or many of the pilot projects may be dumped not long after
> implementation by COTS. Mladen, I hope you hang around, even if it is
> to show us things that are better.

Oh, I will be hanging around, Oracle is still my bread and butter, but I started disliking the company.
There is no more sense of community, OUG meetings are now a sheer marketing push, without any really useful technical information. I disagree with your assessment that it was always this difficult to get the relevant information. RBO was well explained and easy to understand. Without buying Jonathan's book and reading articles from Richard Foote and Wolfgang Breitling, one stands no chance of understanding CBO. Processes are still not documented anywhere except in the book by Tom Kyte. Nobody really bothered to explain what is going on with new RAC and why are there several new processes.
In the old days, there was at least readiness to help you out. You could talk to your rep and he or she would find someone who understands your question and would try explaining it to you. I was once put in contact with Ken Jacobs, no less.
I do have feeling that the information is doled out to the privileged few and that there is no longer willingness to share the internal information or to make necessary tools available without exorbitant fees. My pet peeve is the AWR report.
As for Postgres, it is still very far from being a plug in replacement for Oracle, but it is good enough for applications that are not large scale. The community is vibrant and the overall experience is rather good. I see more and more of rather distinguished Oracle hacks taking part in the discussions on the PostgreSQL forums. Overall experience is rather enjoyable.

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