Re: How to do path with spaces

From: Galen Boyer <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 18:37:37 -0400
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sjsean <> writes:

> I've been given a script with two variable spots for a path. However,
> the path I would like to use includes spaces. Can someone advise how
> I could do this using below as my example? If I take all spaces out
> then the update in my database occurs...but with spaces it does not.
> define control_file_path = C:\Documents and Settings\something
> \Desktop\this folder
> but if I do:
> define control_file_path = C:thisfolder
> it will work. thanks!

You might be able to use the 8 character dos representation of the path.

     c:\TEMP>mkdir "a b c"
     mkdir "a b c"

     c:\TEMP>dir /X
     dir /X
      Volume in drive C is OSDisk
      Volume Serial Number is 20C0-F388

      Directory of c:\TEMP

     03/20/2010  06:32 PM    <DIR>                       .
     03/20/2010  06:32 PM    <DIR>                       ..
     03/20/2010  06:32 PM    <DIR>          ABC~1        a b c
                    0 File(s)              0 bytes
                    3 Dir(s)  28,588,097,536 bytes free

So, you could reference a file with c:/temp/ABC~1 as the directory path.

But, I guess you might be getting the directory at runtime, and it can always have spaces in it? Maybe they could give you the path with the dos representation? Maybe the "BLAH" that noons works for you?

Galen Boyer

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