Re: How do oracle programmers send batches of SQL from inside a program?

From: Galen Boyer <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 18:26:37 -0400
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Thomas Gagne <> writes:

> John Hurley wrote:

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>> Multiple sql statements in a batch?  Why would you want to do that in
>> oracle?

> Performance. Do as much with a single trip to the database as
> possible to avoid going back and forth between client and server.
> Reduces network traffic.

I would test this theory. In your OP, you said you were sending multiple select statements. I'd prove out that you are actually saving anything when you send multiple statements at once. Each statement would be returning a resultset. Where is the savings on the way out?

Then, once you see you aren't saving anytime, you can then have your client program execute a SQL statement exactly when it needs to.

Galen Boyer

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