Re: Bequeath connections

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 10:47:28 +0100
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Op 29-1-2010 3:30, vsevolod afanassiev schreef:
> Thanks for this information. It seems that there are 4 lines in this
> view for each session.
> If session connected through listener then first line has
> network_service_banner = 'TCP/IP NT Protocal Adapter'
> If session connected through Bequeath then first line has
> network_service_banner = 'Oracle Bequeath Network Protocol Adapter'
> What's about next 3 lines? They start from 'Oracle Advanced
> Security...' - I thought that
> Advanced Security is separately licensed option - and we don't even
> install it!

Then maybe your DBA forgot to deactivate it. If you don't do so, the License Police may require you to pay the license.... even if you NEVER used it.

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