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From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:56:27 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 12, 11:08 pm, Tim X <> wrote:

> I have yet to test some of the more 'enterprise' oriented aspects of
> postgresSQL, but am hoping to get the opportunity soon. At this sage,
> I'm still trying to convince people that while postgresSQL is not a
> simple drop in replacement, there are applications which will do fine
> using it. On the other hand, I'm more skeptical regarding any
> application that demands really high throughput with large data
> sets. The real problem is convincing management that maintaining two DB
> engines and using each when appropriate may actually provide a better
> and cheaper solution than a 'use Oracle for everything' attidue that
> currently prevails.

As someone who spent a lot of years dealing with multiple db engines, I must say, this "when appropriate" idea breaks down way too soon. Eventually, people either start going the db-blind bit-bucket route, or one becomes the stepchild. "Better and cheaper" is one of those things that can be misapplied to a set of system life cycles.

Ironically, this was one of the reasons I went whole-hog towards Oracle - only to become more valuable to places that were adding Oracle to a mix of engines.


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