Re: RMAN or Hot Backup

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 22:41:46 -0500
Message-ID: <1BfBl.23687$> wrote:
> On Apr 2, 6:14 pm, rcyoung <> wrote:
>> If you put ALL your trust in any "hot backup" then you are asking for
>> trouble. Many times you can get by, but sooner or later you will run
>> into a problem that only a "cold backup" can resolve. To borrow some
>> lingo ...."Always have a COLD one on hand!".

> I would tend to agree if your recommendation was more like "when
> possible get a periodic cold backup" to complement the rest of your
> backup and recovery environment.
> I do get a cold one weekly on cloned disk space ... which could be
> used along with "all the archivelogs" ... but many people do not have
> either the disk space to hold a cold backup or the time to shutdown
> and start backup up.

Unfortunately I have worked on a DB that can ONLY do a hot-backup and then it uses the NetApp filer "snapshots". Not even RMAN. when the db is several-hundredTB a cold backup is not an option. Even at the fastest tape speed we are talking many weeks of downtime in addition to twice the space. (have you purchased several-hundredTB lately?? of {any|tier1|tier2|etc} storage) Received on Thu Apr 02 2009 - 22:41:46 CDT

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