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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 14:51:12 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 15, 12:36 pm, Paulie <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've followed this group on and off for a while now, and am
> just wondering is it dying?
> Time was, there'd be over a hundred posts a day, now the
> traffic seems right down.
> Is this true or is it my imagination? Have the
> boards helped the decline?
> Paul...

If you look at the "about this group" under google groups it looks like the traffic has fallen 80% from the peak. I think the usage is somewhat cyclical, many people migrate to whatever is hot. Then whatever that is runs it's course, and something else is hot. I don't think has hurt too much, since a lot of their usage is a different population than here, and they've had issues with oldtimers getting frustrated with the newer software. Also, a lot of the peak cdos usage was just a few people doing the same old arguments to death, and most of those now have blogs or their own fora.

It's an old joke - "usenet dead, film at 11."

There may be a lot of time-suck with tweet and some of the other web2ish thingies, we'll see whether they are a fad. Even Doonesbury has been joking about that.

There may also be some people keeping their heads down with the economy thing. I know some of the time when I haven't been here has been when I was simply too busy.

A few have simply given up.

I think the ability to avoid moderation fills a need that few other places do. A lot of people want moderation, plenty of places with that.

And of course, actually having decent information findable out there lessens a lot of the need for people to ask the same old questions. We can gently guide newbies to where they need to be, if we can put ourselves out of business doing that, that could well be a Good Thing (TM).


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