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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 08:35:03 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 1, 12:46 pm, "SEJ" <> wrote:
> Well must top post

No, you choose to do so. And, of course, that IS your choice to make.

> If you havent read the complete documentation like the tora you cant get
> help from the DBA´s, If you made an errror you will know. This group belong
> to them and stupid questions like yours are not allowed.

Certainly they are; this thread exists simply because the question was allowed to be posted.

> This group can somtimes be almost like religion,

Really? And we thought it good, common sense to follow accepted practices. Silly us.

> and yes they can Oracle to
> their fingertips,

What, exactly, does that mean?

> so i do not know why they bother comment your question.

Because it illustrates a valid point of what happens when there are no backups taken of a database. To consider a 'development' database 'non-production' is likely wrong, as the development team uses it to produce code/applications, thus to them it IS a production database and should be worthy of the same attention as the 'actual production database' the end-users access. Shakespeare made this point in an earlier response.

> Sometimes you can get help from Oracle "wannebees" like my self, I have been
> working with databases for 25 years only 10 with Oracle but if you do other
> things, you cant red everything. I have never read any and have always got
> what i wanted by doing the right search.

Does that mean you don't read the documents you do look up?

> I have read the comments for some of the persons in this group for many
> years, and they don not ask questions in other groups. (not in their own
> name)

What name do they use?

> Properly they have not understood the gain of information the internet have
> brougth to them,

Why, then, would we promote internet searches for those who visit and present often-asked (and more often answered) questions if we don't understand the power of the medium? Your comment makes no sense.

> but on the otherhand what is there to know beside Unix and
> oracle.

Windows, VMS, Linux, OS/2, OS/400 as Oracle also runs on those operating systems. :)

And, in the context of this newsgroup, what other questions are asked here?

> regards SEJ
> "Gerard H. Pille" <> skrev i en meddelelsenews:4985dcb9$0$2870$
> > dbagtcol schreef:
> >> Hi all
> >> We've just had a scenario here; one of our dev db has just crashed due
> >> to unavoidable power failure. We've had no backup for this since the
> >> beginning. I could recover redo logfiles; I couldn't RECOVER datafiles
> >> though. I am trying out CREATE CONTROLFILE REUSE DATABASE orcl
> >> RESETLOGS NOARCHIVELOG option, provided I don't have backups for
> >> control files, redo logfile, datafiles, spfiles or anything. I am on
> >> RHEL 4, Oracle 10gR2.
> >> Please suggest.
> > After a power failure, you only need to start the database normally.  It
> > will roll back all non-commited transactions and that's it.   What have
> > you tried to- Hide quoted text -
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