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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 11:30:05 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 16, 12:33 am, wrote:
> Good day,
> I have an oracle installation on an IBM machine with AIX.
> I have three users created on the Oracle DB: The user "oracle", "mo",
> and "fo"
> The installation was working well so far.
> But for almost a week, the connexion of the users "mo" and "fo" have
> been very slow. But the connexion to the user "oracle" has no
> probleme.
> When I stop the listener, I the users "mo" and "fo" can not access the
> DB anymore wich mean that even on the same server, the users "mo" and
> "fo" access the DB via a listenner.
> This is my question:
> 1- How can I do to make sure that on the server the users "mo" and
> "fo" will access the DB without passing through a listener?
> 2- What may have happened for the DB access to be sos slow?
> 3- How can I globally solve the problem.
> 4- Can I delete the users "mo" and "fo" and recreate them so that they
> will connect to the DB without passing through a listener? How can I
> make it?

There are lots of things that can be happening here. metalink Note: 620256.995 has a person resolving identical symptoms by chmod 6751 on the oracle executable - it is a good example of what to check. If you don't have that exact protection on the oracle executable, it probably means you missed some installation steps, such as running By the way, you don't want to set everything in the OH bin directory to that, just certain things.

Off the top of my head (so season with a lot of salt), these are things you might check:

Be sure you have all kernel patches and setting correct. It helps to say which exact version of Oracle and which exact version of the OS you are using whenever you post here (or anywhere, probably). See I have a vague memory that ibm has some docs online about certain AIX/oracle configurations. Your network hardware may even be relevant here.

Check your tcp settings and also see what netstat has to say about who is connected. This is highly platform-dependent. Mark's assertion about using local listener connections and not having performance problems - well, to avoid the risk of spreading myths, I'm asking if anyone has any evidence one way or another. It's an assertion one of my vendors has made, and I don't think it is true over the universe of likely configurations and loads, but have no resources to prove it. And that vendor doesn't handle some tcp stuff correctly, I'm killing processes every day.

Check your sqlnet.ora settings, some configurations may waste time. Also watch for platform-dependent bugs.

AIX is somewhat idiosyncratic in my opinion, so take observations and advice about other platforms, even other unix and other versions of AIX, with caution. I don't have access to one so I can't be more specific, but when I did multi-platform support, hoo-boy.

I'm sure I've seen more info out there on metalink and google for this sort of problem.


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