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From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 07:17:16 -0800 (PST)
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I resisted joining for a long time, somehow I had the idea it was for headhunters and finding jobs and that sort of thing. My alumni association sent an email saying they now had a group there, so I thought, ok, I'll join for that, there're some people I wouldn't mind reconnecting with. Maybe some old work buddies would show up too, I miss some of them.

Sure enough, the alumni association group was mostly executive recruiters and great places to get a backyard bbq. I did manage to find some old work buddies who I miss, and some people I would rather have forgotten about. But at least the filtering seems good, I've only gotten appropriate job postings (aside from the fact that I'm not looking...). Some people I recognize from other online fora and even first life are there too.

So what appears in my email, but someone in the Senior Oracle DBA group has started a DBA joke thread among all the hot DBA jobs in Bangalore junk. The usual semi-lame jokes, hey, it would be appropriate to link to some old posts here. Hmmm, no directions on how to post links, just something about "type your comment here." Fair enough, I type a comment, paste in a bare link, see what happens. It seems to work, I can right-click and open it in another tab, though it seems to throw the format of the linkedin thread off, cutting off the part that shows who I am. It says I have 14 minutes to edit the comment, cool, I edit it and and add some more comment and another link. Save it, links don't work. WTF? Edit it again, notice that it puts square brackets around the link, and has now put double square brackets around the link, making them bad. Remove brackets, save, now links work. OK, fair enough, add more comment, save, edit some more, oh shoot, forgot to remove brackets, ok, edit again... no comment, no link to edit or add comments. Looks like I ended that thread! hahaha! Viewing the html source of the thread now, looks like one really can break the interface with inline code. A much better joke than I intended.

Must... resist... trying... sql... injection...


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