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From: Noons <>
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2008 22:57:20 +1100
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joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 26/12/2008 2:17 AM:

> looking...). Some people I recognize from other online fora and even
> first life are there too.

Yup, not a bad place to keep in touch with old friends. Caught up with folks from my past Prime Computers life that I didn't even know were still alive!

For Oracle stuff? Narh. Apart from the slew of Bangalore jobs and a few weird questions here and there, the place is so rickety coded it's impossible to use for anything useful.

It was fun to receive the offers of commissions if I helped sell training: will come in useful as another chapter for my book on the mafia that the Oracle universe has become...

> comment, no link to edit or add comments. Looks like I ended that
> thread! hahaha! Viewing the html source of the thread now, looks
> like one really can break the interface with inline code. A much
> better joke than I intended.

LinkedIn must have been coded by the biggest bunch of incompetents I ever seen. Took ages to work out how their search worked, and in the end it doesn't cope with surnames made of two or more words. According to them, they'll "rebuild their index" pages in early Jan. Reminded me of all the bad "rebuild index" jokes indeed...

> Must... resist... trying... sql... injection...

Oh! That's a thought! :)
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