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From: Pete's <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 05:48:03 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 2, 10:50 pm, wrote:
> Hi, I am running an oracle 10G database on a suse OS and i have been
> assigned with the job of backing the DB. Now i, donot have enough
> space in the flash Recovery Area to carry out this tasks so i have
> been presented with a solution to backup the DB onto another machine.
> What happens here is that a SAN disk group which is presented to a
> Windows machine, will be mapped to the Linux box where the DB is being
> hosted and iam expected to do a direct backup of the DB onto that
> mapped disk drive.
> What i need help on is, what are the risk(s) associated with doing
> such backup and if it is advisiable to carry out such activity in this
> manner.
> What i had initally proposed was if the disks in the SAN drive can be
> assigned to the DB hosting machine and once the backup is done, the
> backup file can be pushed to the windows machine from where it will be
> backed up onto tapes. The disadvantage here is that we will be wasting
> disk space as it will be redundant.
> If anyone can let me know which method would be the best to carry out
> this task with minimum associated risks.
> Thanks.

There is no best way to back up a database and everyone will have different twists on the way they perform it. What matters is your requirements are met for backup/recovery.

We currently backup all of our databases to NFS mounts between our sites. With NFS mounts, Oracle requires specific mount options, check it out on Metalink. Once the RMAN backup is complete, it kicks off a tape job to spool it off to tape. Yes there are draw backs like using more disk, but, benefit to look at is that you'll have that backup available to you in the event of a recovery. That recovery could be tablespace, datafile, or, full database recovery. Not to mention, having it available to refresh a test database. If your database is 100G, you may find that an RMAN full is less than that, and if you compress, you may save additional space.

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