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Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 17:51:39 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 4, 1:48 am, "Pete's" <> wrote:
> On Dec 2, 10:50 pm, wrote:
> > Hi, I am running an oracle 10G database on a suse OS and i have been
> > assigned with the job of backing the DB. Now i, donot have enough
> > space in the flash Recovery Area to carry out this tasks so i have
> > been presented with a solution to backup the DB onto another machine.
> > What happens here is that a SAN disk group which is presented to a
> > Windows machine, will be mapped to the Linux box where the DB is being
> > hosted and iam expected to do a direct backup of the DB onto that
> > mapped disk drive.
> > What i need help on is, what are the risk(s) associated with doing
> > such backup and if it is advisiable to carry out such activity in this
> > manner.
> > What i had initally proposed was if the disks in the SAN drive can be
> > assigned to the DB hosting machine and once the backup is done, the
> > backup file can be pushed to the windows machine from where it will be
> > backed up onto tapes. The disadvantage here is that we will be wasting
> > disk space as it will be redundant.
> > If anyone can let me know which method would be the best to carry out
> > this task with minimum associated risks.
> > Thanks.
> There is no best way to back up a database and everyone will have
> different twists on the way they perform it.  What matters is your
> requirements are met for backup/recovery.
> We currently backup all of our databases to NFS mounts between our
> sites.  With NFS mounts, Oracle requires specific mount options, check
> it out on Metalink.  Once the RMAN backup is complete, it kicks off a
> tape job to spool it off to tape.  Yes there are draw backs like using
> more disk, but, benefit to look at is that you'll have that backup
> available to you in the event of a recovery.  That recovery could be
> tablespace, datafile, or, full database recovery.  Not to mention,
> having it available to refresh a test database.  If your database is
> 100G, you may find that an RMAN full is less than that, and if you
> compress, you may save additional space.
> HTH,
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