Re: RMAN restore of full backup fails completely

From: Andreas Zimmermann <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 10:36:25 -0600
Message-ID: <ggh9ia$uub$>

>Hi Andy,

>Reading the Matthew Hart RMAN book on your behalf I found there now is
>restore controlfile autobackup from '<autobackup controlfile piece
>I still think you are restoring the wrong controlfile.
>You are using the FRA, and the correct controlfile apparently isn't in
>the FRA.
>You really need to ascertain whether those files are backed-up right
>after the backup on the source server.
>So far you never posted any backup log results, only big pieces on
>junk pertaining to the restore. Not very helpful.
>With respect to cataloguing backuppieces, I read the manuals on your
>behalf and I came up with

>In the past you needed to reproduce the entire source server directory
>structure on the target server or it wouldn't work.
>Now you can relocate backup-pieces.
>Obviously you can also copy 'missing' backuppieces and catalog them
>prior to the restore.

>Somehow either your backup sucks, or you are restoring the wrong

>As you seem not to follow my directions to the letter, you are
>difficult to help, and this is evolving into free consultancy.
>As I am not looking over your shoulder, and don't seem to be willing
>to do any background reading yourself, it probably has to stop here.


>Sybrand Bakker
>Senior Oracle DBA


Hi Sybrand,

first of all, thank you for all the time you invested trying to help me, I 
really appreciate it. I understand that you don't want to waste more time on 
doing so & that is ok, I somehow doubt that this has to be ended the way you 
did though b/c it is rather unfriendly.

Just for the record:

1. As I mentioned I did the backup using your suggested command 'backup 
database plus archivelog' which - according to you - will do exactly what 
you said is needed to do (archiving the controlfile last) ... since there 
was no error on the backup I did not post anything about it in order to not 
make the posting even longer ... instead I posted stuff on the restore b/c 
that is where the problem occurs (and I thought that would be the place you 
can actually see where the root of the problem is - dumb me!). As a side 
note: You could have mentioned that more information from the backup side 
would help, I gladly would have come up with it ...
2. As I mentioned, both servers are identical - same OS, same Oracle 
version, same databases & even the same directory structure down to the FRA 
... this setup was chosen to avoid any file structure related problems. To 
ensure the right backupsets are used, I deleted all other sets that were on 
the backup machine which means the ONLY backups on there are the ones that 
resulted from your command (which somehow eliminates any piossibility to 
restore the 'wrong' controlfile unless I'm very much mistaken). In addition 
the lateron issued 'list backupset' shows that all the files that I'd expect 
to be there are actually listed - and with the list coming from the catalog 
which in my case is located in the controlfile that somehow proves that the 
controlfile 'should' be the right one (again, if I am not wrong).
3. About cataloguing, well, I tried the CATALOG RECOVERY AREA even before I 
started posting (and it did not help), my question was more meant to make 
sure that I did not miss anything that someone with more experience might 
realize right away ... in fact - logically - I should not need any older / 
other files from FRA using a fresh full backup for the restore anyways if 
everything goes right (which it doesn't)

Frankly I do not really see where I did not follow your 'instructions' and I 
repudiate your allegation to be just a lazy bum looking for an easy solution 
for free without trying to help myself by reading - be sure I tried a lot 
myself and read way more than I ever wanted to know about RMAN before I was 
desperate eough to post here ... unfortunately I do have to take care of a 
'few' more (SQL) servers in a 24/7/365 environment too so that my time to 
'play around' with something that - originally - should just be standard 
task in Oracle is somehow limited - given that I still want to sleep at 
least the 4-5 hours I get atm or if I actually want to see my wife & kids 
for a change.

Kind regards,

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