Re: RAC or Large SMP...?

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 18:57:56 -0700
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>> Of course you would. And of course the hardware is expensive. But
>> again lets look at the details.
>> Assume you are currently running 100 dual core dual CPU servers.
>> Price out your EE licenses.
>> Now take that number of EE core licenses and divide by 20 (half
>> way between the 10 and 30 x86 cores per IFL) and see how much
>> money you have available to purchase that hardware.

> I'm not following you here.....  why do you divide the number of
> licenses by 20..?  Are you suggesting that we would need much less CPU
> power in the zLinux environment, or is the licensing of zLinux more
> cost effective...?!?

Because licensing on zSeries servers is based on IFLs not cores. And one zSeries IFL can do the work, depending on the application, of between 10 and 30 x86 cores.

I just chose the middle ground when I said base it on 20.

I am not suggesting you need less CPU power. I am stating that you get 10-30X more instructions per IFL than you do on an x86 core.

Why you might ask? Partially the efficiency of the chips and partially the fact that the server contains many additional CPUs used to manage storage and networking that take a lot of load off the CPUs running your load.

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