HOw to introduce a proactive approach on DB use?

From: Helma <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 22:51:00 -0700 (PDT)
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hello everyone,

I just arrived at a shop where there are monthly performance problems. At every end of the month, endusers are running reports (business objects) and Peoplesoft batches.
Problem is, that there is no overview with the DBA-team of the database use, e.g. :

  • a nightbatch was accidentally started during daytime, the DBA team was unable to figure this out. (enduser found out about this one)
  • an other batch exeeded it's running time by more than 200% - DBA team found out when looking for something else.
  • the same report is ran by different users
  • there are no ad hoc queries , but non of the batches and reports are examined for performance.


I wonder how to get control over this situation and introduce a proactive approach.

E.g. , I need an overview of the database use, and as a second target, be able to quickly identify reports/ batches that are running amok.

If anyone has pointers on how they've dealt with such a situation, i would be glad to hear.

Solaris, Oracle, app server

Thank you for your time,

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