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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 14:45:14 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 28, 11:56 am, es330td <> wrote:
> I am a 14 year SQL Server DBA/developer.  My company has a web based
> enterprise application we license to clients and up until they have
> all used SQL Server backends.  We have an RFP on the table to license
> the software to a new client but they want to use Oracle 11g as their
> datastore.  In addition to MSSQL, I've done development/design work in
> the past on Informix and DB2 so adapting to a new RDBMS should be
> straightforward.  That said, I am going to have to convert a number of
> stored procedure from Transact SQL and have never written anything in
> PL/SQL.  I have about a month to get the application up and running on
> Oracle.  (Note that 95% of the logic is in the webpages and only
> limited stored procedure are used throughout the site.)
> I went to and registered and then downloaded Oracle
> Database 11g Release 1, Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Client and
> Oracle Database 11g Examples
> Oracle appears to have an installation guide to get me started (IT is
> configuring a clean W2K3 install for me) but I'm sure I am going to
> need some reference materials for Oracle, especially PL/SQL.  If
> anyone know of any books they like they can recommened I would
> appreciate it.
> This system will be W2K3 and Oracle 11g
Second all the other's recommendations, and I would add, the Concepts manual at is required reading. In particular, pay attention to Oracle's transaction and locking model, it is different from the other engines, and from what I've seen, the place any random db-blind product is most likely to run into issues. Tom's books, that Matthias pointed you to, have the best descriptions of those sorts of things IMO (I haven't looked at Dan's work on this, but I would expect working demos to be informative).


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