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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 06:19:48 -0700
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l wrote:
> I have built an application using Oracle Forms and Reports and now need to
> install it on a couple user machines for demo/pilot. There is no Forms
> Server available to be used for installation, nor is there anyone available
> to set one up so need to install the forms and reports runtime engine on the
> client machines which run win2k.
> It was suggested to me that I could locate the ifrun60.exe on a shared drive
> and just run it from there, without going through any oracle install process
> on the client. When I do this I get the message:
> "message file p:\orant\dbs\fmcus.msb not found "-- This file is in my
> \orant\forms60 directory and not in the one where it is looking. The
> forms runtime runs fine on the machine in which forms was originally
> installed, (the one that has "shared" its drive).
> This sounds to me like some setup needs to happen on the client. Does
> anyone know if I have to use the oracle installer to install the forms
> runtime engine on the client or if I can simply "run" ifrun60.exe from the
> shared drive? It may be something as simple as forms environment
> variables, needing setting. I don't know. Is anyone else running the forms
> runtime engine from a shared drive and did they have to do anything special
> on the client?
> tnx

The person that suggested to you that all you need is a single executable is incorrect. I no longer have an installed copy of this version, it is very old, but I would expect there may be environment variables such as ORACLE_HOME and FORMS_HOME that must point to the installation files as well as the executable.

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