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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 21:33:03 +0200
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"DA Morgan" <> schreef in bericht
>l wrote:
>> I have built an application using Oracle Forms and Reports and now need
>> to
>> install it on a couple user machines for demo/pilot. There is no Forms
>> Server available to be used for installation, nor is there anyone
>> available
>> to set one up so need to install the forms and reports runtime engine on
>> the
>> client machines which run win2k.
>> It was suggested to me that I could locate the ifrun60.exe on a shared
>> drive
>> and just run it from there, without going through any oracle install
>> process
>> on the client. When I do this I get the message:
>> "message file p:\orant\dbs\fmcus.msb not found "-- This file is in my
>> \orant\forms60 directory and not in the one where it is looking. The
>> forms runtime runs fine on the machine in which forms was originally
>> installed, (the one that has "shared" its drive).
>> This sounds to me like some setup needs to happen on the client. Does
>> anyone know if I have to use the oracle installer to install the forms
>> runtime engine on the client or if I can simply "run" ifrun60.exe from
>> the
>> shared drive? It may be something as simple as forms environment
>> variables, needing setting. I don't know. Is anyone else running the
>> forms
>> runtime engine from a shared drive and did they have to do anything
>> special
>> on the client?
>> tnx
> The person that suggested to you that all you need is a single
> executable is incorrect. I no longer have an installed copy of
> this version, it is very old, but I would expect there may be
> environment variables such as ORACLE_HOME and FORMS_HOME that
> must point to the installation files as well as the executable.
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> Oracle: One and only one. Thank you.
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I don't think the OP just used a single executable, but located an already done installation on a network share. But indeed, that is not enough. Oracle Forms needs a bunch of registry settings to work, which you may have to export from a PC with a working Forms installation to yours. Just export all the registry settings under ORACLE (and the oracle key as well) will do, and put the Forms bin directory on your path. Check if the directories in the registry do match with yours.
(But while typing this I wonder if you need a seperate Oracle client install, but I don't recall you do need one, it's all in the Forms home directory.)

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