Re: Licensing rules for Data Guard

From: Neil Truby <>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 23:01:17 +0100
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"DA Morgan" <> wrote in message

> Keep in mind the difference in price between SE and EE is entirely
> dependent upon your ability to negotiate with your Oracle sales rep.
> Oracle has list prices ( but those are merely
> the beginning point for negotiations.

Thanks. The differential in price was about 150k. The lady from Oracle was interested in some incentive for going Enterprise, but nothing like that much. You get hit with a double whammy anyway: Enterprise is more expensive than Standard, but you also have to licence per core rather than socket. It could be a triple whammy, as no-one I spoke to seemed very sure if you have to licence the replicate or not.

We were able to set up SAN replication to do the job for about 30k for the software. It's not quite as elegant or instant as I imagine Data Guard would be, which is why I was interested in trying it for comparison.

As you know, Daniel, I come from an IBM database background: it seems like IBM might (amazingly!) have a more enlightened view to Feature pricing than Oracle, in this respect at least!

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