Re: Licensing rules for Data Guard

From: Palooka <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 02:22:59 +0100
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Neil Truby wrote:
> "DA Morgan" <> wrote in message

>> Keep in mind the difference in price between SE and EE is entirely
>> dependent upon your ability to negotiate with your Oracle sales rep.
>> Oracle has list prices ( but those are merely
>> the beginning point for negotiations.

> Thanks. The differential in price was about 150k. The lady from
> Oracle was interested in some incentive for going Enterprise, but
> nothing like that much. You get hit with a double whammy anyway:
> Enterprise is more expensive than Standard, but you also have to licence
> per core rather than socket. It could be a triple whammy, as no-one I
> spoke to seemed very sure if you have to licence the replicate or not.
> We were able to set up SAN replication to do the job for about 30k for
> the software. It's not quite as elegant or instant as I imagine Data
> Guard would be, which is why I was interested in trying it for comparison.
> As you know, Daniel, I come from an IBM database background: it seems
> like IBM might (amazingly!) have a more enlightened view to Feature
> pricing than Oracle, in this respect at least!

Aren't you the guy who was asking about transferring a whole lot of data to Oracle a few years back? It was for some retailer or other (Londis was my guess). I recommended SQL*Loader direct path if the data was known to be clean. How did it go?

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