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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 13:35:13 -0700
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Neil Truby wrote:
> "hpuxrac" <> wrote in message
> On Aug 17, 9:50 am, "Neil Truby" <> wrote:

>> I'd like to try out Data Guard.
>> - am I right that that it is not available as an option for Standard
>> Edition, and is available only in Enterprise Edition?
>> - is there anything within the code of Standard Ediiton that stops me 
>> trying
>> it, or is it just an honour-based licensing system?
>> The price differential between the versions is so vast that it is
>> inconceivable that we could buy Enterprise Edition, so I'd like to 
>> find out
>> the facts before wasting my time trying it.
>> thanks
>> Neil

>>> While the marketing and changes to the various different ways you can

> configure it ( aka Data Guard ) have increased over the years the
> ability to run a standby database has been around for a very long time
> in oracle.
>>> Check out the oracle documentation for the release you are interested

> in. Does it work? Yes. Are there some caveats and ways to configure
> yourself into non-optimal situations? Absolutely.
> Thanks for the reply.
> If I read correctly, the log shipping technique, which is well
> documented on multiple sites, involves shipping archived, rather than
> active, re-do logs and therefore is certain to be minutes, rather than
> the max 5 seconds, out-of-phase that we need.
>>> Do you have an OTN login?  You can download EE version free and setup

> and test it out before deciding on a purchase.
> Thanks for the tip!

Keep in mind the difference in price between SE and EE is entirely dependent upon your ability to negotiate with your Oracle sales rep. Oracle has list prices ( but those are merely the beginning point for negotiations.

Depending on the volume of log files being shipped best practice is to do the shipping on a separate NIC card using a private network. You can find configuration files here: that may help you setting it up.

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