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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 13:12:42 -0700
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Neil Truby wrote:

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>> "Neil Truby" <> wrote in
>>> I'd like to try out Data Guard.
>>> - am I right that that it is not available as an option for Standard
>>> Edition, and is available only in Enterprise Edition?
>> Enterprise Edition only.
>>> - is there anything within the code of Standard Ediiton that stops me
>>> trying it, or is it just an honour-based licensing system?
>> Code refuses with an error message "Option not available" or
>> something, if
>> you try to configure Data Guard under Standard Edition.
>>> The price differential between the versions is so vast that it is
>>> inconceivable that we could buy Enterprise Edition, so I'd like to
>>> find out the facts before wasting my time trying it.
>> I once learned all about Data Guard for a client, but when it was time to
>> implement it we learned that the cost of Enterprise Edition was too much,
>> and the project failed.

> Thanks. That's a shame though. I guess I can't trial it.

Of course you can. Go to and click on downloads.

Download Enterprise Edition ... it is free, undamaged, and does not expire.

Oracle, unlike some companies, does not charge for possession of their software ... they charge for its commercial use.

Also, unlike some software companies, Oracle trusts its customers. No question there is compliance verification as there should be. But what is important to many is the trust.

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