Re: Oracle specialist trainers/consultants in Australia?

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 10:19:41 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 23, 6:21 pm, Geoff Muldoon <> wrote:
> joel garry says...
> > Apology not accepted.  If you aren't posting something that can be
> > responded to in cdos, you are violating the charter and generally
> > accepted posting rules (ie, crossposting, oz specific post in
> > worldwide group) by posting a job ad in cdos.
> Ok, yes I realise that I was courting bad karma, but I really didn't think
> that c.d.o.marketplace would help much in the search for expertise in such
> a specialised area as Change Data Capture.  As it transpired, the couple
> of helpful (direct email) responses I got picked it up only from c.d.o.s.

Yeah, that's the basic problem. You can kinda get around it the way some vendors can get around the no-commecial postings rule, which is to couch it as a minor point in a group-appropriate post (like ). I'd think it ought to be legitimate to make a post like yours, "hey, check out the marketplace post," but I've seen how quickly and voluminously that will get abused by headhunters, to the point of killing useful newsgroups. It's already a problem here even with the explicit prohibition and several zealous netcops. I know it can seem ridiculous compared to the completely off-topic spam, but that's life in the intertubes. Glad you got helpful email, sorry it has to be in spite of the rules.

> Oz-specific? Yes, but I'm not aware of any aus. oracle nntp groups, so the
> worldwide groups are my only resources.

Did not know that. I'd joke about caring, but it would be misinterpreted.


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