Re: Oracle specialist trainers/consultants in Australia?

From: Geoff Muldoon <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 11:21:10 +1000
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joel garry says...

> On Jul 22, 6:29 pm, Geoff Muldoon <>
> wrote:

> > Apologies for cross-posting, but I expect my search to be difficult, and
> > any responses to *ONLY* please, or to me
> > by email - geoff dot muldoon at gmail dot com.
> Apology not accepted. If you aren't posting something that can be
> responded to in cdos, you are violating the charter and generally
> accepted posting rules (ie, crossposting, oz specific post in
> worldwide group) by posting a job ad in cdos.

Ok, yes I realise that I was courting bad karma, but I really didn't think that c.d.o.marketplace would help much in the search for expertise in such a specialised area as Change Data Capture. As it transpired, the couple of helpful (direct email) responses I got picked it up only from c.d.o.s.

Oz-specific? Yes, but I'm not aware of any aus. oracle nntp groups, so the worldwide groups are my only resources.

> > I'm currently involved in a project prototyping (successfully so far) the
> > use of Oracle Change Data Capture: Asynchronous Autolog Mode.

> But it does sound like an interesting project. Feel free to post
> about that.

Educational institution. HR (academics) record subset needs to be loaded in student records system (SRS). Both HR and SRS need to be loaded into Identity Management system. Parts of all of those need to be loaded into our E-Learning system. Then there's the capture into our historical data warehouse for Management Information reporting. Future expansion includes research data, CRM, etc., etc.

Complex enough for a (relatively) small outfit.

> And posting about that could be interesting, too, though perhaps it's
> all more appropriate for cdo.misc

Any further posts I will direct into there.

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