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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 09:48:22 -0700
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hpuxrac wrote:
> On Jun 2, 8:23 pm, Michael Austin <> wrote:

>> Palooka wrote:
>>> Our application will likely use Oracle 10g (probably on AIX
>>> v6, using an EMC Symmetrix SAN. The environment doesn't exist yet - we
>>> are at the planning stage.
>>> The intention is to use ASM. So first question: The mirroring can be
>>> done within ASM; i.e. by Oracle, or we can do it at the SAN level.
>> The answer is - it depends on your requirements for redundancy.  You can
>>   do both if you like.  You could configure your "mirrors" via Oracle
>> ASM and point them to two different arrays that can utilize any level
>> RAID-0, RAID0+1 or RAID-5 redundancy - depending on how many spindles
>> you want to use which translates to what ever your budget can handle.

> Ouch.
> Most any competent company that has a storage system that does RAID
> well uses external redundancy for ASM.
> This sounds like you made up your answer.
> The mirroring that ASM "can do" is mostly applicable to environments
> with cheaper disk subsystems.

Hardly a made up answer. I can, within a few minutes of my office, take you to amazingly large publicly held companies with very expensive arrays doing precisely what Michael stated.

>> Best Practice at most companies will vary depending on the criticality
>> of the data being stored.

> Is that some kind of mantra?

It is a simple statement of fact.

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