Re: SQL Server for Oracle DBAs

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 11:24:22 -0700
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Tony Rogerson wrote:

> That's what started most of this "battle" as it where; the fact that
> Oracle recommends SAME whereas we in SQL Server land do something
> different.

What is interesting is that while you are correct that in SQL Server people do not normally use SAME. A question that should be addressed is whether any of them have ever, actually, tested what they are doing and compared it with using SAME.

I have in my lab and the one thing I find an interesting contrast between practitioners in Oracle and SQL Server is that in the Oracle world people like Jonathan Lewis, Richard Foote, Jeremiah Wilton that perform objective lab tests are respected and honored. Go out in the SQL Server world and try to find a comparable group of professionals publishing white papers and books with metrics based on objective lab work and it is non-existent.

I am prevented, for legal reasons, from publishing most of my lab work. But feel free to try it yourself. You may find that what you have been doing is not serving you particularly well. It is just what you've been doing because "that's the way people do it."

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