Re: Oracle Text / Office 2007 question / 10gR2

From: jeremy <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 19:05:00 -0000
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In article <77932cc0-6940-4f1a-a217-67d4edd36483>, Niall Litchfield says...
> Isn't that a likely side-effect where the vendor buys the text search
> filters in and releases a product before the format in question
> becomes current. Or to put it another way, I expect it will get fixed
> in due course. Meanwhile I'm sure that you already have certain
> requirements - for example language the CV is in, it not being in
> wordstar and all the rest. Temporarily requiring office 07 users to
> save in a compatible file format shouldn't be a great barrier to
> anyone who wants to apply for a job.

In the "war for talent" which is very real in some sectors/geographies, there is a very strong business case for removing as many barriers as possible to make applying straightforward - the candidate should not have to jump through hoops.

Right now the priority for us is devising a way in which we can continue to accept that format of document and find a way to extract the text.

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