Re: Oracle Text / Office 2007 question / 10gR2

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:07:06 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 15, 7:05 pm, jeremy <> wrote:
> In article <77932cc0-6940-4f1a-a217-67d4edd36483
>>, Niall  Litchfield says...
> > Isn't that a likely side-effect where the vendor buys the text search
> > filters in and releases a product before the format in question
> > becomes current. Or to put it another way, I expect it will get fixed
> > in due course. Meanwhile I'm sure that you already have certain
> > requirements - for example language the CV is in, it not being in
> > wordstar and all the rest. Temporarily requiring office 07 users to
> > save in a compatible file format shouldn't be a great barrier to
> > anyone who wants to apply for a job.
> In the "war for talent" which is very real in some sectors/geographies,
> there is a very strong business case for removing as many barriers as
> possible to make applying straightforward - the candidate should not
> have to jump through hoops.

I'm not entirely sure that I buy that in general - how many formats/ languages etc etc do you support. Especially given that anyone who can save in .docx format can already save in .doc and probably .pdf format directly.

> Right now the priority for us is devising a way in which we can continue
> to accept that format of document and find a way to extract the text.

I constructed a test in (which was released post Office 2007) and the same restriction applies. I suspect that I might go down the route of developing an automated document converter - per Jim's suggestion - and running that using the external procedure call functionality. Bear in mind though that there can be some loss of fidelity in the converted document (though you should get all the text fine).

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