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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 07:31:38 -0500
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> <quote>
> We don't teach installation. They come preloaded with a default
> configuration and databases. That way we can concentrate on a DBA's
> job.
> As I said before - installation should only be required once per
> system
> </quote>
> What do your students do if they need to reinstall due to some
> external factor (hardware failure/natural disaster) or if they want to
> set up a new server? Oh wait ...

Ah, maybe they fix the external factor and restore the system from backup? We cover backup/restore, also. And if they need to install on a new system, they follow directions.

Oh, wait - I forgot - Oracle is soooo hard and complicated to install, they can't do that. Maybe people should switch to DB2 or SQL Server.

> <quote>
> I think usually installing Oracle is contractor's job, because it is
> very complex and you don't do it often.
> That's why many shops don't waste their resources training permanent
> employees - bringing in contractors for a relatively short time is
> much cheaper.
> </quote>
> Question answered ... they bring in someone who did DA's course!
> Who says the academic and the business world don't work hand-in-
> hand :)

Nope, not everyone at a company needs to know how to install a system. At most one or two may. And if they're familiar with the product, it should be no problem.

But DA said he spends an hour on installation. At least 20 minutes of that is watching the CD spin. If a DBA can't figure out how to insert a CD-ROM and answer some basic questions, either he/she needs to find a different job or the product needs improvement. Which is it?

And I found out DA isn't an academician at all - he just likes to make people think he is. All he does is teach Oracle for UW's Extension University.

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