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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 13:39:14 -0800
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Mladen Gogala wrote:
> Let's face it: the code quality of Oracle 10 is worse then dirt.
> There are many bugs, for various platforms, some of them extremely
> critical (wrong results with ANSI joins or even with hash joins).
> Oracle launched Oracle11 before fixing oracle 10.2 to an acceptable
> state. Are we being pushed into Oracle11 or is Oracle Corp. conducting
> some kind of politics at the expense of its customers? It does look
> much like a business equivalent of Iraq war. Will Oracle fix Oracle10
> and when? What will be the future policy with patchsets? The worse code
> gets, the fewer patchsets they produce.

Assuming a customer has been paying their support costs to Oracle, required for either patches from metalink or upgrading to 11g, precisely what is the difference between applying a patch that changes the version number to and one that changes it to

Same requirement for testing.
Same requirement for backing up.
Similar requirement for each server.

Ok so bdump and udump go away. But other than that?

I think the level of angst and anger outweighs reality.

Yes 10g has some warts. I can point you to warts with every version of every commercial and open source RDBMS. Yet somehow, in spite of those warts, everyone from to EBay to Boeing to AT&T to Phillips to Matsushita, to Bank of America, etc. seems to be finding it rather useful. Where's the fire?

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