Re: Data migration from informix to oracle 10g R2

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 21:38:53 +0100
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chijar wrote:
> Source: Informix
> Target: Oracle 10gR2 std Edition / LINUX RHEL AS v.4
> Dear all,
> i have to migrate data from several plain text files corresponding,
> each one of them, from INFORMIX tables.
> I dont have access to informix database. The information will be in
> text files and this data will be sending periodically, and the total
> data size of plain text files is about 30Gb. monthly.
> So, i must to do something in order to upload data (the data model is
> the same than source) and I will thinking migrate with sqlloader.
> Would you give me a light about that?
> Is fine or bad? or
> What another way do you give me in order to upload data?
> Please apologize my english and thanks a lot for your answers.
> cesar.

Will work just fine. It is the same method, the Migration Workbench will use - but that also generates the sql*loader control files. Watch out for large objects!

Just tell me - how do you plan to do the migration? The is a certain time when the Informix goes down, data needs to be moved, and Oracle comes up.

Frank van Bortel

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