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Re: Calculating NPV

From: Maxim Demenko <>
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 10:16:25 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Ravion schrieb:
> Dear Maxim,
> Thanks for the reply..
> Can you kindly give some lights on how to use the OLAP DML ? Is it used just
> like a normal SQL ? For example, can we use it like:-
> select npv(....) from (...)
> Please give some link on the usage of an OLAP function, if I am wrong above.
> Also, which one you would advise out of the two suggestions given by you? I
> think, the OLAP builtin is more preferrable, but would like to hear from
> you, thanks
> Warmest regards,
> Ravion
> "Maxim Demenko" <> wrote in message

>> Ravion schrieb:
>>> Dear all,
>>> Assume that I am having large amont of data in DB. I want to calculate 
>>> npv (Net Present Value)  like functions like a cron job kind of thing. 
>>> Whats the best architecture/design/strategy for this? Please consider 
>>> ProC, PL/SQL etc. How should I go about in the most efficient way 
>>> available? Kindly help..Thanks a lot for your time.
>>> Warmest regards,
>>> Ravion
>> The most simple way to calculate NPV is using Oracle provided builins.
>> One possibility could be to use builtin OLAP functionality
>> Another one - spreadsheet techniques
>> Of course, nobody should be constrained to implement own algorithm using 
>> pl sql or proc. The final implementation could be expressed as stored 
>> procedure or executable proc program or sql script, each of them could be 
>> invoked from the shellscriptlike wraper which could be put in the crontab 
>> to be scheduled periodically.
>> Regarding efficiency - it is established good practice in Oracle 
>> technologies to estimate the most efficient solution by careful testing, 
>> so i am afraid, this topic is not exception.
>> Hopefully, you'll manage alone to decide, what from said above is 
>> architecture/design/strategy/joke.
>> If you get more often from your instructor similar tasks - i can highly 
>> recommend to read (to both of you)
>> Best regards
>> Maxim 


Which one to use depends on your skills and requirements. For example, if i would need to perform this calculation, i would probably start with model clause - because i have very limited experience with oracle olap as opposite to sql. If however i would see, model capabilites are too weak or there are a lot of different analytical calculations to perform - then i would look into olap documentation. There is a lot of it - plus an OTN discussion forum where you can ask such specific questions as well.

You can not use olap dml just in plain sql, but you can embed it by means of dbms_aw package. Some examples are given here

Best regards

Maxim Received on Sat Dec 08 2007 - 03:16:25 CST

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