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Re: Calculating NPV

From: Ravion <>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 10:00:33 +0800
Message-ID: <fjco87$tqe$>

Dear Maxim,

Thanks for the reply..

Can you kindly give some lights on how to use the OLAP DML ? Is it used just like a normal SQL ? For example, can we use it like:-

select npv(....) from (...)

Please give some link on the usage of an OLAP function, if I am wrong above.

Also, which one you would advise out of the two suggestions given by you? I think, the OLAP builtin is more preferrable, but would like to hear from you, thanks

Warmest regards,

"Maxim Demenko" <> wrote in message
> Ravion schrieb:
>> Dear all,
>> Assume that I am having large amont of data in DB. I want to calculate
>> npv (Net Present Value) like functions like a cron job kind of thing.
>> Whats the best architecture/design/strategy for this? Please consider
>> ProC, PL/SQL etc. How should I go about in the most efficient way
>> available? Kindly help..Thanks a lot for your time.
>> Warmest regards,
>> Ravion
> The most simple way to calculate NPV is using Oracle provided builins.
> One possibility could be to use builtin OLAP functionality
> Another one - spreadsheet techniques
> Of course, nobody should be constrained to implement own algorithm using
> pl sql or proc. The final implementation could be expressed as stored
> procedure or executable proc program or sql script, each of them could be
> invoked from the shellscriptlike wraper which could be put in the crontab
> to be scheduled periodically.
> Regarding efficiency - it is established good practice in Oracle
> technologies to estimate the most efficient solution by careful testing,
> so i am afraid, this topic is not exception.
> Hopefully, you'll manage alone to decide, what from said above is
> architecture/design/strategy/joke.
> If you get more often from your instructor similar tasks - i can highly
> recommend to read (to both of you)
> Best regards
> Maxim
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