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Re: Calculating NPV

From: Ravion <>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 09:47:33 +0800
Message-ID: <fjcnfq$tpv$>

Yeah, I understand the problem. Sorry for that.

Warmest regards,

"Maxim Demenko" <> wrote in message

> Ravion schrieb:

>> Thanks.
>> By the by, I am not a student. I do work at Barclays as Senr Programmer.
>> My field is CGI. Thats why I posted it. OK?
>> Warmest regards,
>> Ravion
>> "Maxim Demenko" <> wrote in message
>>> Ravion schrieb:
>>>> Dear all,
>>>> Assume that I am having large amont of data in DB. I want to calculate
>>>> npv (Net Present Value) like functions like a cron job kind of thing.
>>>> Whats the best architecture/design/strategy for this? Please consider
>>>> ProC, PL/SQL etc. How should I go about in the most efficient way
>>>> available? Kindly help..Thanks a lot for your time.
>>>> Warmest regards,
>>>> Ravion
>>> The most simple way to calculate NPV is using Oracle provided builins.
>>> One possibility could be to use builtin OLAP functionality
>>> Another one - spreadsheet techniques
>>> Of course, nobody should be constrained to implement own algorithm using
>>> pl sql or proc. The final implementation could be expressed as stored
>>> procedure or executable proc program or sql script, each of them could
>>> be invoked from the shellscriptlike wraper which could be put in the
>>> crontab to be scheduled periodically.
>>> Regarding efficiency - it is established good practice in Oracle
>>> technologies to estimate the most efficient solution by careful testing,
>>> so i am afraid, this topic is not exception.
>>> Hopefully, you'll manage alone to decide, what from said above is
>>> architecture/design/strategy/joke.
>>> If you get more often from your instructor similar tasks - i can highly
>>> recommend to read (to both of you)
>>> Best regards
>>> Maxim
> Sorry if my post sounds a little bit offensive, i will be glad, if my 
> answer could be helpful to solve your actual problem, anyway i tried to 
> answer as good as i could understand your question, and i'm still not sure 
> i've done it right.
> So, my point is - it doesn't matter, are you a student or senior 
> programmer, you didn't manage to explain your problem in a clear 
> understandable manner to me. That could be my fault, that could be your 
> fault equally well.
> Best regards
> Maxim 
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