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Re: Oracle Linux/Virtualization Software

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 15:15:34 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Nov 30, 2:09 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> Frank van Bortel wrote:
> > your responses, as well as the latest change in signature,
> > make your credibility lower:
> > - you do not have the facts, as admitted
> > - you do not know for a fact John has put VM to the test, or not
> You are correct Frank.
> Mr Hurley please ...
> 1. Have you installed it?
> 2. If so on what hardware and what virtualization did you perform?
> 3. What version of the Oracle database did you install?
> 4. What other virtualization product did you install on identical
> hardware and run the same testing cycle?
> 5. Describe the testing cycle you ran
> 6. Post the results you received that lead you to believe that Oracle's
> claim is not fully truthful.

Why don't you just read the freaking comment I made in my first post in this thread. The fishy part ... and many of us.

Maybe you have lost command of the english language?

> That should clear it up Frank. I should have done that in the first place.
> But what led me to challenge him? His repeated nonsense about RAC on
> Mac for which I know he has repeatedly made claims that are
> unsubstantiated and unsubstantiable about how it runs. It was my team
> on Level 3 of Moscone Center at OOW 2005 with a 24 node RAC on Mac
> cluster and the benchmarks to stand behind it as an excellent platform.
> All of the negativity since then has been based upon Mr. Hurley's
> vivid, yet flawed, imagination.

I never made any claims at all about it. None.

I did note that I did not believe that it was a good idea to consider it as a production platform.

Your comments in that area are pretty clear. You claimed that people should consider running production systems on it. You claimed that you knew people that were doing that.

Was that a lie or what?

> When Mr. Hurley steps forward and acknowledges that he is being negative
> with no foundation in fact with respect to RAC on Mac I will not be so
> fast to challenge what I perceive as just more vacuous prejudice.

There was 1 release of oracle on Mac with no patchsets and no 10.2 release and no 11.1 release planned.

There is no future there ... rac or not.

What is so hard to understand? Received on Fri Nov 30 2007 - 17:15:34 CST

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